Classic papers in Ecology and Evolution

Here is my selection of classic papers in ecology and evolution!
[the one with a question mark in the field "Student presenting" have not yet been chosen]

Title (click to download) Authors Year Topic Citations (Google Scholar 10/2015) Student presenting Day of the presentation
Optimal foraging, the marginal value theorem Charnov 1976 Behaviour 3761 Alia 30/10/2015
Mechanisms of succession in natural communities and their role in community stability and organization Connell & Slatyer 1977 Community 3635
Diversity in tropical rain forests and coral reefs Connell 1978 Diversity 7958 Juliane 10/12/2015
Patterns of speciation in Drosophila Coyne & Orr 1989 Speciation 958
Arms races between and within species Dawkins & Krebs 1979 Co-evolution 1442 Martin 27/11/2015?
Ecology, sexual selection, and the evolution of mating systems Emlen & Oring 1977 Mating systems 3500
The spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian paradigm: a critique of the adaptationist programme Gould & Lewontin 1979 Adaptation 5956 Wanja 20/11/2015
Evidence for the existence of three primary strategies in plants and its relevance to ecological and evolutionary theory Grime 1977 Lifestyle 2211
Extraordinary sex ratios Hamilton 1967 Sex ratio 2726
Geometry for the selfish herd Hamilton 1971 Behaviour 2743
The tragedy of the commons Hardin 1968 Society 27474
The components of predation as revealed by a study of small-mammal predation of the European pine sawfly Holling 1959 Community 2130
Community structure, population control, and competition Hairston, Smith & Slobodkin 1960 Community 2720
Homage to Santa Rosalia or why are there so many kinds of animals? Hutchinson 1959 Biodiversity 3056 Leonie 13/11/2015
Dynamics of adaptation and diversification: a 10,000-generation experiment with bacterial populations Lenski & Travisano 1994 ExpeEvo 678
The problem of pattern and scale in ecology Levin 1992 Patterns 5141
The trophic-dynamic aspect of ecology Lindeman 1942 Food web 2619
On optimal use of a patchy environment MacArthur & Pianka 1966 Behaviour 3075
An equilibrium theory of insular zoogeography MacArthur & Wilson 1963 Island 1948
Biological populations with nonoverlapping generations: stable points, stable cycles, and chaos May 1974 Chaos 1423
The Logic of Animal Conflict MaynardSmith & Price 1973 Game Theory 4332 Anita 13/11/2015
Food web complexity and species diversity Paine 1966 Food web 4245 Christina B 20/11/2015
On r- and K-Selection Pianka 1970 Lifestyle 2741 Σάρα 06/11/2015
Experimental zoogeography of islands: the colonization of empty islands Simberloff Wilson 1969 Community 565 (but much more in EO Wilson's book on the topic)
Parent-offspring conflict Trivers 1974 Evolutionary conflicts 3182
A new evolutionary law van Valen 1973 Extinction, Coevolution 2717
Pleiotropy, natural selection, and the evolution of senescence Williams 1957 Ageing 3135 Sita 06/11/2015
Mate selection—a selection for a handicap Zahavi 1975 Sexual selection 3783
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