Here are the information about why I am asking from you for this course:

- choose 2 papers:

  • 1 classic paper (form the list, or any before 1990 with a large influence on the field ~ highly cited)
  • 1 recent paper (after 2000)
  • 1 about ecology + 1 about evolution, or two on the same topic

- give 2 x 15min talks on these papers (on different days defined ahead)

  • the summary of the classic paper is due for the 6th of November

- write 2 x 1000 words summary discussing the paper and why it is important
- read the papers and summaries that will be presented by others beforehand
- write down 5 questions on each paper presented by others beforehand
- ask at least one question for each paper presentation

Here is how you will be scored:

- talks are scored by me and by all the others (anonymously to the presenter)
- summaries are scored by me and by all the others (anonymously to the pres.)
- questions are scored by me
- individual interview with me about two papers (one classic, one recent) randomly chosen among those presented by others (ca. 15 min)

The final score = ΒΌ x each score

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