Modern papers in Ecology and Evolution

Here is your selection of modern papers in ecology and evolution!

Title (click to download) Authors Journal Year Topic Citations (Google Scholar 10/2015) Student presenting Day of the presentation
Threat of plastic pollution to seabirds is global, pervasive, and increasing Wilcox et al. PNAS 2015 Conservation NA Leonie 11/12/2015
River density and landscape roughness are universal determinants of linguistic diversity Axelsen & Manrubia Proc Roy Soc B 2014 Linguistic 13 Anita 18/12/2015
Monkeys reject unequal pay Brosnan & de Waal Nature 2003 Cooperation 1052 Wanja 18/12/2015
Assembly history dictates ecosystem functioning: evidence from wood decomposer communities Fukami et al. Ecology Letters 2010 Ecosystem Functioning 169 Alia 08/01/2016
Experimental evolution of multicellularity Ratcliff, Denison, Borrello & Travisano PNAS 2012 Muticellularity 132 Juliane 08/01/2016
Introduced species and their missing parasites Torchin, Lafferty, Dobson, McKenzie & Kuris Nature 2003 Invasive species 874 Sita (1/2) 22/01/2016
Release of invasive plants from fungal and viral pathogens Mitchell & Power Nature 2003 Invasive species 837 Sita (2/2) 22/01/2016
Flexibility in algal endosymbioses shapes growth in reef corals Little, van Oppen & Willis Science 2004 Symbiosis 328 Christina 22/01/2016
Historical contingency and the evolution of a key innovation in an experimental population of Escherichia coli Blount, Borland & Lenski PNAS 2008 Experimental evolution 402 all
Meta-analysis: synthesizing research findings in ecology and evolution Arnqvist & Wooster TREE 1995 Meta-analysis 463 all
Sita's summary Sita 2016 all
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